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Toxic (Truckee Wolves, #1) - Belinda McBride I really liked this story. It had some of the usual shifter story elements but more. Our hero is a wolf shifter, but his pack is more loosely defined than typical and full of damaged personalities related to past abuse at the hands of a mysterious organization. Our heroine is a vet with a mystical way with animals, who also has a mysterious past (adopted child) related to that same covert organization. Vampires are also mentioned, though no real characters. Then we add in an adoptive mother with an interesting past including military special ops. That is a lot going on, but somehow it is pulled off, and the story is good.

The writing is clear and engaging. It was not riddled with grammatical errors, always a plus. Enough storyline is kept to just the H/h regarding their developing relationship to keep it focal and believable (as believable as shifter relationships in books get), with enough ancillary to give some excitement. I hope there are more stories coming regarding some of the other interesting characters, either pack members or the heroine's family.

I received a free copy of this one from netgalley to review.