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Losing Me, Finding You - C.M. Stunich This definitely was not my thing and was a did not finish for me. I made it to 41% into the book. The reasons I didn't like it might be things you can tolerate or enjoy though, so I'll explain.

Our hero, Austin, is in a MC and has an on and off pal he sleeps with in the MC. Her name is Mireya. As of 40% into the book, he is still having sex with Mireya. In fact, he first sees Amy (our heroine), then goes off to make out with Mireya in the beginning. He proceeds to take Amy's virginity ... and heads off to have sex with Mireya. Amy tells him on the street that her dad is beating her ... Austin our hero appears to take that in stride and wanders off to spend the night in his hotel room with Mireya (she did initiate, he was far from unwilling).

Mireya's appearance and personality as of 40% into the book is described in as much detail as Amy's, at times more so. Our hero shows more insight into Mireya's problems and feelings than he does Amy's also. At this point, honestly I'm thinking this book should have been the story of Austin and Mireya. I gave it up here and am moving on to the next book in my TBR pile. Triangles and "cheating" (kind of though Amy and Austin certainly hadn't pledged anything to each other) are just not what I want to read. I'm sure Austin somehow redeems himself but I can't plod on through to get there.

I have read other works by this author and liked them, so my review is honestly nothing against the author. I did want to give an actual review though and not just a 1 star without my reasons. Not everyone would care about what I pointed out above! This one was just something I couldn't personally tolerate in the books in enjoy the most.