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Forbidden Call (New Breeds, #1)

Forbidden Call (New Breeds, #1) - Martha Bourke Great start to a new series. This book did suffer from the usual problems of a new series, meaning there was a lot of world-building necessary to explain the entire setup of a new breed of shifter, who the protagonist group was, what the world looks like in the alternative world, etc., etc. That can really bog down a book, and this book was indeed a little slow after the initial couple chapters (which set up our hero and heroine quickly), picking up again after the halfway mark.

The New Breed shifters are the good guys in the new world set up, called by the Mayan Goddess to serve, and given special new strength and powers to survive. As is common with some other of the genre, they start all male (except for mates), all huge, and living communally in the brotherhood mansion. Yeah, this has some similarities with other series for sure, but has some new things as well.

The last few chapters were quite exciting and interesting as the author finished the setup of the conflict for the series. Can't wait for the next one. :)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookRooster to review.