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Nursing the Doctor (Doctor Series)

Nursing the Doctor (Doctor Series) - Bobby Hutchinson Greg is an ER doctor, Lily a nurse in the ER. They work together and are attracted, but very different in social lives and attitudes as the book opens. Both had rough childhoods, for different reasons, and trust comes hard for both. Greg suffers a severe skiing accident, landing him in the hospital he works in for an extended period. As the story progresses, both characters reevaluate their priorities and outlook on love, most especially Greg.

This author very clearly has a thorough understanding of medical environments. Readers in the same environment will especially appreciate this novel, but no specific background knowledge is really required. The author does a nice job of describing any medical knowledge needed for the storyline. Readers who really hate medical terms at all might want to avoid this one though as the terms permeate the entire novel.

What I loved is that the characters and plot were very realistic. This flow was good, dialog a little stilted at times IMHO, but there were definitely times I grinned at a funny quip or smiled at the relationships developing. The strong emphasis on family, no matter how tough it gets, was very nice to see. It was a sweet story with good characters and no glaring grammatical problems or other things to detract from the story. I would definitely read another by this author.

I received a complimentary copy of this ebook for review purposes.